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MTsc U Seasonal Program Options By Age


MTsc United offers the most comprehensive slate of leagues and programs for youth soccer players anywhere in Oklahoma and has the largest participation.  We are available to all Oklahoma youth regardless of where they reside or go to school.  Choose from below based on your player's age and situation from three of our base seasonal programs.  MTsc U, "Where Kids Come First!"  

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For 1 1/2 Year Old to 3 1/2 Year Old Play

The MTsc U Mommy or Daddy & Me (M&M) Soccer Program consists of group sessions involving one parent or guardian and their child both simultaneously participating in dynamic, virtually non-stop soccer and agility activities and games during 50-min. sessions.  Each season, 6 sessions are conducted.  Sessions are held on the evening or the morning that you the parent register for.

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For 3 1/2 Year Old to 18 Year Old Soccer League Play

The MTsc U Recreational/Friendship Team (REC/FT) Leagues are for both teams made up of friends as well as teams consisting of random draw players.  Each team has parent volunteer coaches and practices up to two times per week per the coach at either a MTsc U provided practice location (for which MTsc makes available to eligible coaches up to 76 different fields throughout the week and throughout the Tulsa area) or at a location he provides.  Each season a minimum of 8 games are played up to a maximum of 10 games.  Games are held primarily on Saturdays.

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For 3 1/2 Year Old to 18 Year Old SPecial Needs Soccer League Play

The MTsc U Special Needs Leagues are for players with special needs such as youth who have Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Scoliosis or who experience seizures, wear prosthetics, use walkers as well as other challenges.  All players are assigned to teams based on observed capability and engagement via a collaborative process between parent coaches facilitated by MTsc U and based on guidelines established by MTsc U for the SNL Program.  SNL practices one time per week on Fridays at an MTsc U SoccerPlex.  Each season 8 games are played.  Games are held primarily on Saturdays.

For Ages 1 1/2 to 3 1/2

MTsc U M&M Introductory Video

For Ages 3 1/2 - 18

MTsc U REC/FT Introcutory Video

Ages 3 1/2 - 18 Special Needs

MTsc U SNL Introductory Video

Thank you MTsc Nation for the 2017 Recognition

Thank you MTsc Nation for the 2016 Recognition

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