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  • UNRESTRICTED FRIENDSHIP TEAM FORM DEADLINE This is the last day to submit an unrestricted Friendship Team (FT) form.  What this means is that you may submit a FT form on or before this date and the players on the form may be either REGISTERED or UNREGISTERED.  But, if you submit a FT form after this date, all of the players on the form must be previously UNREGISTERED.  Once this date passes, all registered, non-FT players will be placed on teams. So, if possible, submit your completed FT form before this date.  If your form is missing a player or two that you expect to have register and added to your roster, then submit the form with at least the minimum number of players required (which varies by age bracket) before this date.  Be sure to notify us of the additional UNREGISTERED players that you intend to add to your form.  Then, you may seek additional unregistered players to fill in the open slots, but all of the following MUST be true: a.  The team must not be full b.  The player must not be registered already c.  You must notify the soccer office that you are adding another      player BEFORE THE PLAYER REGISTERS A complete Friendship Team means that: 1.  FT form is complete, signed by all parents, & received by MTsc U 2.  All payments for all players received by MTsc U 3.  All birth certificates for all players received by MTsc U
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