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Player Development (PDP) Skills Training Program Quick Glance and Program Content

The following describes a program for Recreational U6 - U12 players throughout the Metro Tulsa area (such ages are limited from time to time and are split up between U6 - U8 and U9 - U12) to promote the game of soccer and a healthy lifestyle.  The below characteristics define the MTsc United PDP Skills Development Program.

Quick Glance at MTsc U Player Development Program (PDP) for Skills Training

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Player Development (PDP) Skills Training Program Description

The PDP program for soccer skills development is for youth players who are newer to soccer and/or whose parents want them to receive some advanced technical training providing them greater opportunities from direct teaching from a professional, licensed soccer trainer which is over and above what the recreational program (by itself) offers through its volunteer parent coaches. The mission of PDP is to provide a flexible method for challenging, improving, and developing foundational individual soccer skills in a positive and fun environment as a complement to their recreational league team play.  PDP can greatly enhance your athlete’s personal recreational playing experience through the confidence it instills.  PDP is NOT team-based.  PDP is training group based facilitated by a trained professional(s).  There are no refunds applicable to this Program.   All sessions are conducted outside on the south side of the MTsc SoccerPlex.

Presenting MTsc U PDP Skills Training

A Quick Glance at Player Development Program (PDP) for Skills Training

The PDP Program is generally applicable to U6 – U8s and separately U9 - U12s (see “FAQ and Age Chart” tab along the left side banner of the homepage for corresponding specific birth dates) From time to time the age allowed may change within the 5 ½ to 12 year old range (i.e. only U6 - U8s).

The focus is on player participation and soccer skills development in a challenging, fun environment.  
For a detailed description of the Program itself check out “MTsc U PDP Program Content" PDF at the bottom of the page.  

Trainers/coaches are professionals experienced in the game provided by MTsc U.  Typically local high school soccer coaches (such as Holland Hall, Jenks and/or BA and others) assigned specifically to the groups of U6-U8 or U9-U12 head the sessions which are supported by their varsity players.

The seasonal 6-Session registration Fee for registered MTSC United players is $79.00 regardless of age of child.  Unregistered players ages U6-U8 cost is $83 and ages U9 and above are $85.  Register online using the “Online Registration” link on the home page of www.MetroTulsaSoccer.comAccepted forms of payment include MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card or e-Checks. (there is a 3% fee when using echecks)

No uniform is required.  A MTsc U PDP T-shirt is provided as part of registration and the participant's size is provided during online registration.  T-Shirts once available will be provided during a PDP session.  MTsc U can be contacted if there are any questions at 918-298-0190.  What you must have for participation is the following:

  1. A single #3 soccer ball is required to be brought to all sessions for the youth participant ages U6-U8, a #4 for older ages
  2. Shin guards must be worn by youth participants
  3. Athletic shoes are required to be worn (no sandals allowed)
  4. A jug of water


The general seasons, days and times except during observed holidays, Jenks school breaks (fall break and spring break) and days where the Jenks School District closes schools due to inclement weather are:

Fall Season:
September thru November, with makeup dates as required in November.

Spring Season:
March thru May, with makeup dates as required in May.

Training is typically scheduled on Monday nights in the spring (due to trainer conflict with high school varsity soccer games on Tuesday nights) and Tuesday nights in the fall of each week during the above seasonal periods and sessions start at the announced time typically at 5:30 p.m. but could be as late as 6:45 p.m.)

Generally training sessions are held at the MTsc United SoccerPlex located at 10715 S. Delaware Ave. in south Tulsa on the south field complex behind and/or to the side of the MTsc U main office using fields 2A-2D and/or 3A and 3B or Field #1. 


For general program communication associated with reminders and announcements as to holidays, school cancellation related days and if the sessions MTsc U provides the trainers must be canceled due to an unforeseen event or cancellation due to inclement weather, MTsc U communicates to participants as follows:

  1. “Metro Tulsa Soccer Club” Facebook page posts (primary method)
  2. “MetroTulsaSC” Twitter tweets (primary method)
  3. Website www.MetroTulsaSoccer.comOFFICE, FIELD COMPLEX & WEEKDAY PROGRAM STATUS” (secondary method)
  4. MTsc U eNews which are Club emails (secondary method)
  5. Reminders or mention by the trainer


The Program has an overall limit on the number of participants and within each training session, groups will be limited to on average fourteen (14) youth participants per MTsc U trainer. 


For questions as to how generally the Program works, registration for the Program as well as Program content, contact MTsc U at 918-298-0190 or send an email to including your name and phone number. 

Understand more about MTsc U PDP Program Content (click below pdf)