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Mandatory Coach and Administrator Background Check

August 2018

Beginning with the fall 2016 season, the following process applies to ALL administrators of MTsc United as well as ALL MTsc United Recreational/Friendship (REC/FT) League and Special Needs League (SNL) Head and Assistant Coaches.  MTsc United’s policy regarding background checks and associated coach education for player safety mirrors that of US Club Soccer's requirements.  US Club Soccer has been the direct sanctioning body of MTsc U for well over a decade and is a direct affiliate of US Soccer (and is equivalent to US Youth Soccer). 

Effective beginning with the fall 2016 season and continuing as part of US Club Soccer's enhanced player safety initiative, is the integrated prerequisite of the background screening application, the new online course providing a Coach’s Guide to Youth Soccer Injury Recognition.  This online course takes approximately one hour to complete and has a 3rd party fee of $5.00 (equivalent to $1.25 per season).  You must complete the Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) - US Club Soccer online course which is a Coach’s Guide to Youth Soccer Injury Recognition is required to be taken ONLY when your are required to do a background check (as defined below). 

This online course must be completed within the four months preceding your submission of the US Club Soccer background screening application as required. The confirmation or certificate number you receive after course completion must be entered on the following page of the background application in order to proceed.  Note, there is a nearly 50 question test at the end of the online course for which allows for corrected answers to be made so that once 100% is achieved, you will receive a certificate of completion and in it the required confirmation/certificate number. 

To go to the SSD online course click:

Then, to proceed with the background check application, follow the below.  Background checks are performed via US Club Soccer on all administrators, coaches and assistant coaches, volunteers or otherwise no less than one time per twenty-four (24) month period running from July 1 to June 30 beginning with the fall 2016 season (i.e. if a background check was done in July 2016, another must be done by June 30, 2018 in order to stay eligible).  The 3rd party cost is $18 (which beginning July 2, 2017, MTsc United will fund for its approved MTsc U coaches making it ZERO cost) for the two year coverage period.  An email shall go out to all regarding the need as applicable for background checks at the appropriate time as some may not be required depending on the US Club Soccer records.

  1. Click here to link to the background check website:
  2. Choose "Coach” or “Asst. Coach"
  3. When it asks "Choose Type of Membership" Choose( )Club, Academy or Recreational Club***
  4. Wait for "Club" to appear in the middle of the page
  5. Click and Scroll down to Metro Tulsa Soccer Club (OK) #1114 (make sure you select our club)
  6. Complete the form and submit it making sure to print out your confirmation

*** Make sure when you choose the type of membership and then select Metro Tulsa Soccer Club (OK) #1114 that when you scroll down to fill out the next box that you don’t scroll over the MTsc name otherwise the background check will go somewhere else and it will have to be done again.

These measures are taken for multiple purposes which includes first and foremost the safety of our players and MTsc U’s acceptance or selection of coaches and administrators.  Failure to comply with these requirements will result in automatic dismissal from whatever role desiring to perform with MTsc U without exception.