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Speed, Agility and Conditioning (SAC) Program Quick Glance and Program Content

The following describes a program for youth athletes to promote the game of soccer and a healthy lifestyle.  The Program is borne from the expertise of Metro Tulsa Soccer Clubs United (MTsc) and professional trainers, and the MTsc U Speed, Agility and Conditioning (SAC) Program is group training based.

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MTsc U Speed, Agility & Conditioning (SAC) Program

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Speed, Agility and Conditioning (SAC) Program Description

The MTsc U Speed, Agility & Conditioning (SAC) Program consists of group sessions that are dynamic, virtually non-stop exercises, drills and activities over a 90-minute sessions.  The areas of focus include Speed Training relative to acceleration, stride length, stride rate, endurance, sprint form and technique as well as Agility Training relative to the ability to rapidly change directions without the loss of speed, balance or body control through improved movement, coordination and precision.  All activities, games, drills and exercises are geared toward an athlete's development associated with:

  1. When trying to make quick first steps
  2. When performing movement patterns and changes of direction at high speed
  3. When decelerating over a few steps to set him/herself up optimally for offensive or defensive performance
Registration is for the purchase of a 4-5 day long camp and registration is through MTsc U’s "Online Registration" or "Event Registration" as announced.  There are no refunds applicable to this Program.

A Quick Glance at Speed, Agility and Conditioning (SAC) Program

The Speed, Agility & Conditioning (SAC) Program is generally open to U6 through U14 youth athletes which corresponds to a 5 ½ to 14 ½ year old youth athlete.  Player Age cut off is July 31st – meaning you are what age you are on August 1st (example: My child is 8 1/2 years old on August 1st – my child is a U9 participant).  From time to time the age allowed may change within the 5 ½ to 14 ½ year old range.  For ease of determining eligible age, the MTsc U Online Registration or Event Registration system will determine this for you. 

The focus of the Program is on enhancing the speed, agility and conditioning of a youth athlete through a healthy active period of play, workout, group friendships and lots of non-stop fun.  For a detailed description of the Program itself check out “MTsc SAC Program Content" PDF at the bottom of the page.

Contracted local professional trainers (which are announced during the marketing of the camps) conduct all group sessions.


Camp Registration Fee is posted on the "SUMMER CAMPS" tab. Register online using the “Online Registration” link on the home page of  Accepted forms of payment include MasterCard or Visa credit or debit cards, Discover Card and e-Checks.

No specific uniform or equipment is required other than the following:

  1. Wearing appropriate workout clothing
  2. Athletic shoes are required to be worn (no sandals allowed)
  3. Jug of water

MTsc U can be contacted if there are any questions at 918-298-0190.   


Unless notified by MTsc U or your MTsc U trainer, camps and camp sessions are generally as follows:

Each camp runs 4 or 5 days within a single calendar week consisting of 1 session per day

Specific session days and times are noted on the "Summer Camps" tab of this website and with the camp announcement.


All group sessions are held outside at the MTsc U SoccerPlex in south Tulsa unless otherwise noted on the "Summer Camps" tab of this website and with the camp announcement. 


For general camp communication associated with reminders and weather related delays or cancellations, MTsc U communicates to participants via one or all of the following methods:

  1. “Metro Tulsa Soccer Club” Facebook page posts (primary method)
  2. "MetroTulsaSC" Twitter tweets (primary method)
  3. Website www.MetroTulsaSoccer.comOFFICE, FIELD COMPLEX & WEEKDAY PROGRAM STATUS” (secondary method)
  4. MTsc U eNews which are Club emails (secondary method)

For all other reasons our contracted trainers may communicate directly or may do it through MTsc U depending on the timeliness of the known cancellation with respect to the session being canceled.


Session groups will be limited to an average of twenty (20) youth participants per trainer.  Sessions and/or groups will be added as participation demands exceed the group limit.


For questions as to how generally the Program works, registration for the Program and Program renewals, contact MTsc U at 918-298-0190 or send an email to including your name and phone number.

Understand more about MTsc U SAC Program Content (click below pdf)