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Financial Aid Scholarships


January 2018


MTsc United offers a limited number of Financial Aid Registration Scholarships which changes from time to time at the sole discretion of MTsc U. Financial Aid Registration Scholarships are provided to youth athletes desiring to register to participate in the MTsc U Recreational Random Draw, Friendship, SNL or Competitive leagues.  Financial Aid Registration Scholarships are provided on a first come, first satisfy basis.  Scholarships provide for a discount off the cost of registration fees only for the upcoming season (if SNL, Recreational Random Draw or Friendship) or soccer year (if Competitive) and do NOT provide for any costs associated with uniforms or other equipment required to play soccer.

If a player is approved for financial aid from MTsc United, MTsc U will subsidize the cost of their registration fees only. FULL or PARTIAL financial aid may be awarded by MTsc U to a player. There will NOT be a check sent to the player but instead MTsc U will provide a discount code (if non-Competitive) for online registration use or if a Competitive player, MTsc U may provide a check to the player or inform TSC Hurricane of such financial aid award directly to be deducted from a player’s current or future amount owed rather than provide a check.  In either case, the player’s parent/guardian will receive a confirmation email from MTsc United ONLY in the event an award is provided.  Notice of Financial Aid Registration Scholarship awards for non-competitive players will be provided typically within 1-2 weeks of receipt by MTsc U of the player’s completed application; for competitive within 30 days of the application deadline and not before confirmation of the player’s registration with TSC Hurricane.

Scholarship participants must reapply each season (for Recreational Random Draw, Friendship and Special Needs (SNL) or each year (for Competitive TSCH) and provide the required paperwork as described herein.


In order for a youth athlete to participate in the MTsc U scholarship program, the youth athlete’s parents or legal guardian (proof required) must provide MTsc U with 3rd party written proof of need.  In NO event shall a player receive MTsc U financial aid without such written proof of the following as applicable:

  • Only if the youth athlete attends public school, then proof of the youth athlete’s participation in their public school’s “Free/Reduced Cost Lunch Program” for the current school year must be provided to MTsc U (if registering for soccer during the summer break that starts in the fall season, then the school year just about to begin applies). 

EXCEPTION: For those players who attend a Tulsa Public Elementary School, the required proof of need due to the free lunch program being provided to all elementary students from August 2016 through May 2021, proof of current eligibility of "SNAP Food Benefits" aka food stamps must be provided. 

  • Only if the youth athlete is home schooled, then if the parents or legal guardians of the athlete currently (at the time of registration) participate in any of the following governmental programs, proof of such can be provided to MTsc U:
  1. SNAP Food Benefits (aka food stamp program)
  2. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  3. OK Sales Tax Relief Program
  4. Head Start Program

All applications for MTsc U financial aid make-up the above required paperwork plus the MTsc U Financial Aid Scholarship Application found under "FORMS & LINKS" tab located on the left-hand banner of the homepage inclusive of and in addition to the following information:

1. What is the Players FULL Name as it appears on their birth certificate?

2. What eligible MTsc U Program is the player registering for which is either: 

  1. Recreational Random Draw/Friendship Leagues
  2. SNL League
  3. TSC Hurricane Competitive League

3. If TSC Hurricane Competitive League, then:

a.  What team have you accepted to be on? ‚Äč

b.  Who is the Coach?

4. What is the player’s date of birth?

5. What is the player’s address?

6. What is the Parent/Guardian’s email address?

7.  What is the Parent/Guardian’s primary phone number?


Given that there are limited MTsc U Financial Aid Registration Scholarships available, in general the sooner your information is received the better chance of being awarded MTsc U financial aid.  However, with that said there are some general guidelines for periods that MTsc U accepts applications for financial aid and those are as follows:

  • For MTsc U Recreational (REC) Random Draw/Friendship and Special Needs League (SNL) participant applications, they are accepted from the commencement of Early Bird Registration to 2 p.m. of the day of the Coach Orientation for each spring and fall seasons (see website "CALENDAR OF EVENTS" for specific dates).  This means the written request and all required up to date and completed supporting documentation must be in to the MTsc U office by this date and time to be considered.  All incomplete applications after this date and time are not eligible for MTsc UFinancial Aid assistance. 
  • For MTsc United TSC Hurricane Competitive League participant applications, they are accepted from the day after competitive tryouts to the deadline of November 9th of the then competitive playing year.  This means the written request and all required up to date, completed supporting documentation must be into the MTsc U office by this date and time to be considered.  All incomplete applications after this date and time are not eligible for MTsc U Financial Aid.


Application submittals can be done via email to or 24-hr. drop-off in the MTsc U Office secure drop box.  See the "FORMS & LINKS" tab for the required form.