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Registration & Fee Payment/Refund Policy

  1. Absolutely NO refunds are available after the Citywide Registration date (per posted on the website Calendar of Events) for the particular season under any circumstances (expect for in the case the Club could not place a player on a team due to wait list circumstances or in the case of a medical reason with a physician's note for which a prorata amount shall be refunded).
  2. Refunds are available only if the request is made in writing to the Club and such request is received prior to the Citywide Registration date (per posted on the website Calendar of Events).
  3. In the event of duplicate payments for a specific player, refunds are available only if (1) the request is made in writing and (2) the request is made no later than two and a half (2 1/2) months from the Citywide Registration date (per posted on the website Calendar of Events) for the relevant recreational season.
  4. Refund policies apply to registration charges only unless a uniform that was also ordered was not already released for purchase from a third party by MTsc.
  5. MTsc generally processes accepted eligible refund requests as soon as other MTsc priorities allow (typically within three weeks after receipt of an accepted request) generally no later than by the end of the recreational season applicable to such refund.
  6. Registration payments made via credit card or debit card shall be refunded back to the card used for payment.  Once processed by MTsc, it generally takes up to seven (7) business days for a refund credit to show up on a customer's account after the refund has been processed by the credit or debit card company.
  7. Registration payments made by check shall be refunded via check.  A period of at least ten (10) business days must transpire after the original check has been deposited before a refund for that check can be issued by MTsc.
  8. A $20.00 non-refundable amount is applicable to all registration orders which includes uniforms, late fees or other fees as applicable.
  9. In the event of non-payment to the Club regardless of reason, the player will be held in Bad Standing with the Club and regional association which will prohibit registration and participation in Club and alternative programs until such amounts owed are paid.
  10. A charge of $20.00 will be added to all amounts owed for checks returned for any reason.
  11. Late charges will apply to any registration not fully paid by the deadline before late charges are applicable as posted on the website Calendar of Events.
  12. In the event there is an applicable unpaid referee assessment, such amount owed must be paid in order to be able to register for the following season and be removed from Bad Standing.
  13. No jewelry is allowed when playing soccer and no refunds will be provided as a result of medical reasons why jewelry can not be removed.
  14. Teams will be formed strictly based on the Team Formation Guidelines published in the MTsc White Book available off the website homepage on the right side banner.  No refunds are available due to a parent disliking their team placement for any reason.
  15. If the MTsc online registration system informs you that a birth certificate is required, then we DO need a copy of a player’s birth certificate. Birth certificates may be emailed to, or placed in our secured metal 24-hr. drop box located at the entrance of the MTsc office or mailed to MTsc.  A copy of each player’s birth certificate MUST be on file at MTsc otherwise this will result in (1) your player not being allowed to play in league games, (2) a required uniform to be purchased next season and NO refund will be provided, (3) NO award (trophy or medal) provided at the end of the season as otherwise would be applicable and/or (4) NO refund for games disallowed.