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FAQs & League Eligible Birth Dates

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

MTsc U Recreational (REC) Random Draw (RD) & Friendship Team (FT), and Special Needs (SNL) Soccer Leagues ONLY

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

  • Players must qualify for their age division by meeting the guidelines on the age division chart and explanation on the bottom of this page, scroll down.
  • Any individual player MAY choose to play up one age division. Parents/legal guardians must (1) note the play-up request in their online registration, (2) sign play up waiver found at: our links and forms menu option on our home page.
  • Players that are on a Friendship Team MAY play up two age divisions.  Parents/legal guardians must (1) note it on their online registration and on the Friendship Team Form, (2) each parent must sign a play up waiver form and turn in original signed play up wavier to the MTsc United office.
  • Players may NEVER play down an age bracket
  • Co-Ed teams are NOT allowed.
  • MTsc U office is located at 10715 South Delaware Ave., Tulsa, OK 74137 (for field locations, click on the "FIELD MAP & LOCATIONS" tab to your left)
  • For office hours or MTsc U contact information click on the "CONTACT & LOCATE US" tab on our homepage.
  • For deadlines, upcoming dates and events click on the "CALENDAR OF EVENTS" option on our homepage.
  • Questions about weather related field status, follow "Metro Tulsa Soccer Club" on Facebook or "MetroTulsaSC" on Twitter. 
  • Each player MUST purchase their own uniform. Uniforms may not be passed down. In the fall players that have played consecutive seasons will only be required to purchase a new uniform if the player is going into an odd numbered age bracket like the U7, U9, U11, U13, U15 or U17 age division etc... Players who did not play MTsc U Recreational/Friendship Program soccer last season will be required to purchase a uniform.
  • Uniform orders include 2 jerseys (1 reversible for U4-U6), 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of socks. Parents/legal guardians are responsible for the purchase of soccer cleats, shin guards and a soccer ball.
  • If the online registration system informs you that a birth certificate is required, then we DO need a copy of your player’s birth certificate. Birth certificates may be scanned and emailed to or put in our secured metal 24-hr. drop box located at the entrance of the MTsc United office.  A copy of each player’s birth certificate MUST be on file at MTsc U.
  • Random draw players are just that, random. A random player is placed on a team based upon when* they register, their age division and gender only. (* When they register in relevance to the wait list deadline)
  • Players are NOT considered on a Friendship Team until ALL Friendship Team form guidelines have been met. Guidelines to form a Friendship Team can be found on the left hand side of the Friendship Team Form located at our "FORMS AND LINKS" tab.  Also additional information on Friendship Teams can be found by clicking on "FRIENDSHIP TEAMS" on our homepage.
  • For Rec/FT and SNL registrations, there are NO refunds provided AFTER the date of Citywide Registration listed on our "CALENDAR OF EVENTS".  Any refund to be provided must be requested in writing and received by the MTsc United office on or before the Citywide Registration date.  Exceptions that may apply are associated with play-up athletes related to uniform requirements, and prior to season commencement, relocation and/or major injury both requiring third party proof.  See "Registration Policy" contained in the drop down box under each MTsc U Program along the top banner for the specific details that apply to that Program.
  • Once a refund has received proper approval by the Club's administration, MTsc U will use its best efforts to process those refunds within a reasonable amount of time (usually 3 weeks or less).  Refunds for all approved requests are guaranteed to be issued by no later than the last day of the season, assuming at least 3 weeks have been allowed for the processing of those refund requests.
  • Registration payments made via credit card or debit card shall be refunded back to the card used for payment.  Once processed by MTsc, it generally takes up to seven (7) business days for a refund credit to show up on a customer's account after the refund has been processed by the credit or debit card company.
  • Registration payments made by e-check shall be refunded via check.  A period of at least ten (10) business days must transpire after the original check has been deposited before a refund for that check can be issued by MTsc.

It is vital that Friendship Team forms are turned in by the Friendship Team form deadline which is posted on the MTsc U website calendar page.

  • Player additions to a Friendship Team after the Friendship Team Form has been submitted to MTsc U will be considered if:
    1. MTsc U receives an email at stating the player's full name and date of birth,
    2. The player's parent signs the team’s Friendship Team Form and
    3. If the player addition is after the Unrestricted Deadline as noted on the Calendar of Events on the MTsc U website, the player is not already registered with MTsc U; other words, the player is NOT already registered with MTsc U.

The player should NOT register until the MTsc United office responds to the player addition request email.

Late player approved additions will be added to official MTsc United rosters. If the Friendship Team coach has not received notice from MTsc U that an updated roster is ready for pick-up within 1 week from such player addition approval, then the coach thereafter should contact the MTsc United office. NO player may play any MTsc U game until the updated roster is released by MTsc U.

  • Players who are registered after registration deadlines are not guaranteed a place on a team.
  • What to expect for a random player:
    • Practices times and locations are held at the discretion of the coach.
    • MTsc U will not provide a refund nor switch a player to another roster for any reason, including but not limited to if a player is unable to make the coach's practice time/date.
    • Coaches should be contacting players (that registered before the waitlist deadline) approximately 2 weeks before the start of the season.
  • For the date of the first season game please visit the MTsc U website calendar.  If you have not heard from a coach please contact the MTsc United office.
  • Coaches are responsible for picking up and dispersing the team’s uniforms if the player was registered before the waitlist deadline.
  • All games for U14 and under teams are played at an MTsc U soccer complex (MTsc U North or MTsc U South) and may be scheduled by MTsc U at anytime on Saturdays with some games occasionally on any other weeknight or Sunday afternoon.
  • There are no practices allowed at ant MTsc U complex, except for U-4 through U-6 and SNL teams which may ONLY practice at the MTsc U South complex on Monday, Tuesday or Friday evenings for one hour per the eligibility requirements provided at the MTsc U Mandatory Coach Orientation (on any open area, but not on the U4-U6 game fields).
  • If the online registration system informs you that a birth certificate is required, then we DO need a copy of a player’s birth certificate. Birth certificates may be emailed to or put in our secured metal 24-hr. drop box located at the entrance of the MTsc United office. A copy of each player’s birth certificate MUST be on file at MTsc U otherwise this can result in (1) your player not being allowed to play in league games, (2) a required uniform to be purchased next season and NO refund will be provided, (3) NO award (trophy or medal) provided at the end of the season as otherwise would be applicable and/or (4) NO refund for games disallowed.
  • Rules for MTsc U North and South complexes are posted throughout complex however please drive slow, watch for children, and avoid parking in drop-off zones and no-parking zones.  NO ANIMALS are allowed on the fields!!!

A seasonal year is from August to July.  At MTsc U, each seasonal year consists of two seasons: Fall (Sept. to Nov.) and Spring (March to May), in that order. 

Eligible Birth Dates for Fall Season 2019 and Spring Season 2020

Age Group - Applicable MTsc U Program(s) Beginning Birthdate Ending Birthdate
U2 - M&M Only January 1st, 2018 December 31st, 2018
U3 - M&M Only January 1st, 2017 December 31st, 2017
U4 - M&M, SNL and REC/FT January 1st, 2016 December 31st, 2016
U5 - SNL and REC/FT January 1st, 2015 December 31st, 2015
U6 - SNL, REC/FT, SAC and PDP January 1st, 2014 December 31st, 2014
U7 - SNL, REC/FT, SAC and PDP January 1st, 2013 December 31st, 2013
U8 - SNL, REC/FT, SAC and PDP January 1st, 2012 December 31st, 2012
U9 - SNL, REC/FT, SAC and PDP January 1st, 2011 December 31st, 2011
U10 - SNL, REC/FT, SAC and PDP January 1st, 2010 December 31st, 2010
U11 - SNL, REC/FT, SAC and PDP January 1st, 2009 December 31st, 2009
U12 - SNL, REC/FT, SAC and PDP January 1st, 2008 December 31st, 2008
U13 - SNL, SAC and REC/FT January 1st, 2007 December 31st, 2007
U14 - SNL, SAC and REC/FT January 1st, 2006 December 31st, 2006
U15 - SNL and REC/FT January 1st, 2005 December 31st, 2005
U16 - SNL and REC/FT January 1st, 2004 December 31st, 2004
U17 - SNL and REC/FT January 1st, 2003 December 31st, 2003
U18 - SNL and REC/FT January 1st, 2002 December 31st, 2002
U19 - SNL and REC/FT January 1st, 2001 December 31st, 2001

MTsc U strives to maintain as many pure (separate) age brackets as possible, however periodically it becomes necessary (based on player registration) to combine or collapse age brackets for a given season.