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Friendship Teams

MTsc U Friendship Team Formation

MTsc U is the originator and Home of the Friendship Team in Oklahoma.

The following is intended to help you understand MTsc U Friendship Teams; what they are, how they are created, how you add players, and the rules you must follow to form one. To aid in this, please print the Friendship Team Form located below by clicking on the PDF. Follow the below, complete the form entirely and deliver it to the MTsc U main office in south Tulsa during open office hours in case you have questions (otherwise drop it off in the 24-hr drop box or scan and email it to

Background and Definition

MTsc U had long recognized that kids like to play soccer with their friends and that Oklahoma soccer had lost players to other sports when that privilege was systematically and repeatedly denied; no longer. Consistent with being a pioneer in soccer programming in Oklahoma, in 2004 MTsc U originated and implemented the Friendship Team program with the goal of permitting friends to form teams around those friendships. Friendship Teams are designed to be exactly that; soccer teams made up of players that are friends from school, church, scouts, neighborhoods, etc. as intended.

How to Form an Initial Friendship Team

The intent of this MTsc U approach to soccer is to allow friends to play with friends. The logistics of doing so can be tremendous and therefore parent support, patience and timely assistance with the requirements below is absolutely necessary.

The process is relatively straightforward provided the following steps are closely followed:

  • The most important step is for you to turn in your Friendship Team Form on time with the minimum number of kids for your age group registered, paid, and ready to go. If you do that, the rest is easy. It’s when you are late or don’t have enough kids that you start having problems.  One parent volunteers to be the “Team Parent” to manage the completion of the FT Form and downloads it from the MTsc U website and fills out the “Issuing Team Parent” box on the form. This does not have to be the coach.
  • Team Parent routes the form to the other parents.
  • Each parent adds his/her child to the roster and signs the form after Friendship Team Coach approval of the additions.
  • The deadline for all Friendship Team forms is late January (for Spring) and late July (for Fall). See the MTsc U website Calendar of Events for exact dates.  The FT Form must be submitted to the MTsc U main office in south Tulsa prior to the deadlines published on the website Calendar of Events each season. There are two deadlines associated with Friendship Teams, as follows:                                                               
    • Unrestricted Deadline – Before this date, an FT form may be submitted regardless of the registration status of the players.
    • Restricted Deadline – As of this date, new Friendship Teams may be accepted and must have all non-registered players (registration of players must occur after acceptance of the new Friendship Team).

Therefore, prior to the Unrestricted Deadline, an FT form may include players that have already registered. As of the Restricted Deadline, a new FT form submitted, must consist of only players that have not yet registered or been placed on another team (e.g., via another FT form, random draw process, etc.); once players are assigned to teams, they may not be removed. Therefore, it is imperative that all additions to an existing FT be submitted to the MTsc U main office in south Tulsa (via email before the added player registers.

  • All players on the requested Friendship Team must ultimately completely register or be registered online under RECREATIONAL PROGRAM meaning pay all registration/uniform/late fees as applicable by the deadline (birth certificates may be required as your MTsc U registration receipt will specify).
  • Friendship Teams have guidelines for a minimum number of players and a maximum number allowed. That minimum number is the age group format (i.e. 3v3, 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11) plus 2 for U4-U10 or plus 3 for U11-U14. Thus, the minimum/maximum number of players are:
  1. U4 – 5 min. / 6 max.
  2. U5-U8 – 6 min. / 8 max.
  3. U9-U10 – 9 min. / 12 max.
  4. U11/U12 – 12 min. / 16 max.
  5. U14 – 14 min. / 18 max.
  • Players may NEVER play down in age.  See below for Play-Up details.
  • All MTsc U teams are pure gender meaning no coed teams are allowed.

Playing Up on a Friendship Team

Any player may play up one age bracket to an older age bracket with a parent or guardian approval and signed Play-Up Waiver. Parents or guardians of a player playing up must sign and submit the signed Play-Up Waiver to the MTsc U main office in south Tulsa by the deadline in order for your player to be added to a roster.  Play-Up Waivers are available online at under the "Forms & Links" tab or through the MTsc U main office in south Tulsa.

IF Player is on a Friendship Team

  1. Every player on a Friendship Team that plays up must be clearly identified on the Friendship Team Form. 
  2. Any Player on a Friendship Team may play-up to two (2) age brackets provided however, such Friendship Team is limited to 30% of its players playing up two age groups (i.e. a U10 playing up to U12 is 2 age groups as is a U8 playing up to U10).  MTsc U reserves the right to expressly waive this limitation ONLY in the event the team’s prior season’s performance results demonstrated that they relatively generally dominated their age bracket and in such case MTsc U may request that team to play up to the next age bracket for the benefit of all relative to competition, development and fun regardless of the resulting play-up age group difference.  In such instance, the team’s parents through their coach as the team representative must consent to do so which is at their sole discretion.      

IF Entire Friendship Team Playing Up - An entire Friendship Team may play up one age bracket if all of the parents so desire and signify such by signing on the Friendship Team form. For clarity this means that by the team playing up it cannot result in anymore than 30% of the team’s players playing up 2 age groups.  Signature on the Friendship Team form is the parents’ means of communicating that desire. MTsc U expects parents to keep the players’ best interests in mind when making this selection. If a team playing up results in any players playing up all such players’ parents or guardians must submit signed Play-up Waivers in advance of the deadline to the MTsc U main office in south Tulsa.

Adding Players to a Friendship Team

Players may be added to an existing Friendship Team up until the Additions Deadline (see above). To add a player, you must do these steps:

Procedure to add players to a Friendship Team:

  1. Before the player being added registers, the Friendship Team Coach must send an email to providing notification of the requested addition including team name, team age group, new player’s full name and birth date.
  2. Parent of new player must sign a copy of the original FT form and it must be provided to the MTsc U main office in south Tulsa.
  3. The player should register online, pay all fees, and submit a copy of the player’s birth certificate as required UNLESS if after the Unrestricted Friendship Team Form Deadline (as posted on the MTsc U website Calendar of Events) then hold off UNTIL MTsc U office approval notice is received by Friendship Team coach.

ALL steps above must be completed before Registration is closed (as posted on the MTsc U website Calendar of Events).

Leaguing Friendship Teams

MTsc U reserves the right to schedule non-pure age groups together, as needed. For example, U9 and U10 teams may be combined into one schedule, if needed. MTsc U also reserves the right to schedule Friendship Teams against Random Draw Teams in any combination to achieve an optimal level of fun for all parties in the league.