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Field Maps & Locations

MTsc United consists of 2 soccer complexes (MTsc U North and MTsc U South) within the greater Tulsa area with a combined total of 43 soccer game fields. 

MTsc U South SoccerPlex is located at 10715 Riverside Parkway, Tulsa, OK 74137 in South Tulsa (Riverside exit off Creek Turnpike heading south past 101st Street)

NOTE: MTsc U South has field Numbers below 20

MTsc U North Soccerplex is located at 3601 South 103rd East Ave., Tulsa, OK 74146 in Central Tulsa (between 31st and 41st Streets adjacent to HWY 169)

NOTE: MTsc U North has field Numbers greater than 20

MTsc United South SoccerPlex in south Tulsa at 10715 Riverside Parkway

MTsc U North SoccerPlex in central Tulsa at 3601 South 103rd East Ave.