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Coaches Resource Center

MTsc U Coach Help for Practice Skills and Plans, Measurement System and Training

The MTsc U Coaches Corner is to help you become a better coach.  It's not the be-all end-all of coaching information, but it will give you several tips and provides you with excellent resources to make you a better coach which in turn makes MTsc U a better youth soccer club.  There are five (5) components to the Coaches Corner and when combined, it provides you a comprehensive set of tools for you to be an outstanding coach – it’s up to you to follow through.

Before we start, as an MTsc U coach, please make yourself familiar with and adopt the following Club philosophy:

Metro Tulsa Soccer Clubs United Coaching Philosophy

The MTsc U coach aims to train youth soccer players on proper technique with positive reinforcement and active training sessions. He/she leads by example in the promotion of good sportsmanship and teamwork, teaching the players not only the rules of the game, but also how to compete both effectively and respectfully. He or she defines a “win” by the development of his or her players and their enjoyment for the game, by providing a supportive and fun environment in which to learn, while treating all players equally and with respect.

You're a Coach-Now What?

First, count your blessings. Any parent who gets the chance to coach her/his own child is absolutely blessed.   This time with your child is more valuable than you may ever know.  So, count yourself lucky and enjoy every minute of it.

Second, soccer is a lot of fun and being part of a soccer team for a child can have profound impact on them, if the coach makes it fun and uses it to teach life lessons.  As coach, your attitude will lead the team's attitude.  In other words, if you blame the refs for a loss, the kids will too.  If you smile and strive to do better the next time, the kids will too. In the end, you can have as much fun in soccer as you decide to have.

Third, coaching is a learned skill. So, don't assume that just because you aren't a natural athlete or have not played soccer that you won't be a great coach.  So, if you can learn it, then how?  Here is quite a bit of direction; in fact so much so, MTsc U is providing you the A, B, C's of MTsc United soccer below.

A. MTsc U's Coach Orientation, Coach Certification and Player Clinics

To help you get started, the first things to do are attend:

1. Pre-Season Mandatory Coach & Assistant Coach Orientation (required each season)

From an administration perspective, everything you need to know is typically covered at this Orientation, including Coach Cards, receiving Rosters, signing up for a practice field, receiving a copy of MTsc U’s rule book (also available online) "The White Book" (which covers most items you'll need to know applicable game days), reviewing critical safety and conduct items, noting training resources and upcoming events, who is your MTsc U administrator to go to for assistance, potentially a review of referee calls and more.  This Orientation is held in an auditorium each pre-season.

2. Pre-Season Mandatory Coach & Assistant Coach Certification Clinic (required 1x per year)

From the Orientation which provides the rules, administrative responsibilities, expected behavior and tools to now the how and what do I teach my players.  This hands-on Certification Clinic from a "how do I coach these kids" perspective, provides you some basic tools (written and hands-on) to conduct a training session.  At the end of the Certification Clinic, you'll have been shown and will have performed some basic drills, those drills will have been illustrated as to their proper technique such to allow you to use at your own training sessions.  This in-house Certification Clinic is for all age group coaches and assistant coaches.  This is hands on with some classroom training and some field work.  It does require you to wear athletic gear and bring a soccer ball.

3. Your Role During Season at Free MTsc U Soccer Schools (Player Clinics)

One time per year, MTsc U has a local collegiate program facilitate a player’s clinic whereby the college coaches and their men’s and women’s teams participate in conducting drills with MTsc U players.  Up to four times per year MTsc U provides free striker and goalkeeper training administered by professions. Plan to attend these sessions with the intention of not participating, but instead to observe experienced coaches and players do their magic.  You can learn a lot from them.  Listen to how they encourage players more than correct them.  Watch how they set up training games and quickly transition from one to another. 

B. Know the Rules and Know Safety

Know Club Rules

MTsc United provides all coaches once per year a hard copy of the MTsc United White Book which provides all Club rules for game days, practices, the complex and more. This website always has the latest updated White Book release which takes precedence over hard copy published books.  It is very important to know the rules of MTsc United and the White Book is how to do that.

Know, Practice and Live Safety

In addition to the MTsc United White Book, please review the expanded information provided on this website under the "SAFETY & COMMUNICATION" tab located on the left side banner of the homepage or click on the link below.  Concussion management, hydration, goal safety, words can hurt and much more are critical safety items that MUST be reviewed, learned and put to practice.  Safety always comes first.

C. Training DVDs applicable to various extents for U4-U10 & Soccer Pocket Guide for all Ages

Let's start learning how to organize practices and visually see drills and practice session management.

MTsc U gives each of its first-time U4-U10 coaches a DVD that provides generally applicable age-based drills and demonstrates proper technique.  These DVD’s are provided during game schedule pick-up for FREE.

For all coaches regardless of the age of your team, click on the below PDF for a pocket guide relative to Soccer Talk covering game and field terms, referee terms and more.  This guide is good for not only you our coaches, but also and just as important your parents and spectators.

So by this point you attended the MTsc U Coach Orientation providing you team management related items, a review of recent rule changes and rules to be particularly sensitive to, a review of some very important safety aspects of the game and MTsc U, received your initial and potentially final official roster and depending on the age of your team, signed up for an MTsc U provided practice location.  Also you have attended the MTsc U Coach Certification class detailing characteristics to help you motivate and teach your specific aged players, drills and the proper technique in foundational soccer skills to teach and more.  Additionally you may have watched the provided MTsc U skills training DVD and printed out Soccer Talk to learn the terms of the game and to teach your parents the same.  Now it's time to build your own practice sessions starting with identifying what to measure at the beginning, potentially in the middle, and at the end of each season to not only ensure developmental progress of your players, but to also guide you in what aspects of the game should you spend more or less time with during practice.  

D. MTsc U iSoccer Practice Plan and Player Measurement and Reward Tool

This tool is a system for teaching you the coach which in turn provides you a method of motivation that you can use with your team which is designed to have your players spend more time with the ball.  It provides you with an objective measurement tool that keeps track of progress and provides for rewarding individual improvement.  It provides you with benchmarks so you can see as well as the player can see where they stand relative to their peer group across the world.  This system provides for a game within a game to make practice more fun and to allow results to be seen on and off the field.

Get started by clicking on the below PDF for the iSoccer Assessment Guide.

Now, you are fully ready to build your own practice plans.  To help you do so, MTsc U is providing you a head start with actual session plans and guides by age, skills and more.  Additionally the below internet resources will help you vary your sessions and focus on specific aspects of the game by providing you relevant drills and guidance.

E. Building or Enhancing your Training Sessions

There is no "right answer" for training sessions other than to avoid as best as possible players standing around waiting.  There are many approaches.  The one you use will probably come down to personal preference.  Regardless, they all take some planning and deciding on which approach works best for you will probably take some trial and error.

The following are some websites that are already dedicated to skills training and all have free usable information.

Metro Tulsa Soccer Club has compiled this list of web sites and resources to offer information about soccer coaching and training. MTsc U does not endorse or recommend any of these materials. They are provided here to help coaches make appropriate choices about activities and training for their teams. These resources contain information that is not appropriate for all ages or teams. Coaches should always consider each player’s age, skill level, conditioning, special needs, and medical conditions when selecting training activities.

Expert Football Training Fitness & Skills
Fine Soccer Drills This is the mother lode. It has hundreds and hundreds of drills. Also, DVDs and books.
Offside Video A simple and complete explanation of offsides for both your players and parents
Strong Soccer Drills. Movie clips of fakes, feints and other skills. Goalkeeper drills.
US Youth Soccer Lesson Plans from USYS
Soccer Expert Lots and lots of drills.
Soccer Help Loads of help, some free and some subscription based.
Coaching Soccer 101 Drills for all ages
Soccer For Parents Great guide for parents of players to keep them involved and positive.
Goalkeeper Training Guide Guide to Goalkeeper Development

For your convenience, below is a progression of various helpful guides and lesson plans based on the age of your team to assist you with developing your own practice plans or to use directly to make soccer fun and developmental.  There is also a guide to use specifically for goalkeepers.  Just CLICK on the PDF below with the best applicability, print and follow for a first step in making your practices the most effective and appropriate as possible.

Practice Guides & Skill Based Lesson Plans (for Non-Special Needs Players)

Practice Lesson Plans (for Special Needs Players)

There are many, many more resources available on the web by searching for “soccer drills” or “football training” or any of a myriad of other combinations of words related to soccer.

See you on the pitch.

MTsc nation “Where Kids Come First!”